Research Interests

Research interests:

Economic models and their application to an open economy
Modelling the structure of an economy is partly an art and partly a science. Even regarded as a scientific enterprise, it implies very different dimensions like the application and the test of theories as well as empirical, statistical and methodological problems. At the moment, the focus is laid on two macroeconomic models, the RWI-model as example of an econometric model and on the Nelson-Winter-model as an example of a non-econometric model.

Causal modelling and testing of theories on the development of the international system < br> There are plenty of theories on the international system, but only a few of them are tested on the basis of hard data. Since the early 60s, the Correlates of War (CoW) project is a steady growing and reliable source of these data. Meanwhile, the CoW-related data sets include several economic variables. This opens the door for an empirically informed analysis of the global economy and its interaction with political events in the long run.

Mathematical modelling of the labour theory of value (LTV)
Mathematical modelling can be an instrument for solving and clarifying theoretical problems which are discussed since more than a hundred years in and between different schools and researchers of the LTV-related tradition. Beside mathematical modelling, more theoretical research is needed to build the bridge between the LTV and the National Account Systems. This is a presupposition for testing different models of the LTV as well as for the comparison with other macroeconomic approaches.


International politics and global economy

Non-econometric macroeconomic models
Philosophy of science and ethics
Economic and political conditions of globalisation*

Conceptions and methods of causal research
Introduction into SPSS
Models and Methods of Modern Economics

* Internet-based learning module applying the research and teaching concept of the journal “Deliberation Knowledge Ethics” to economics, in cooperation with the editorial office of that journal